Charitable Services

Charitable Services

No matter the environment artistic people will find ways to express themselves. On stage, through writing, creative movement, or visual display, all are avenues used on a daily bases by artists. The dedicated ones will study their craft. They will attend classes, read books, and learn the business aspect of their chosen field. The result is financial success. An important part of financial success is literacy.

Literacy means being able to read and write. Many children who live in underprivileged communities often lack the necessary resources for growth. If those disadvantages are still in place by the time they reach adulthood, then their understanding of the written word is very limited. Those restrictions can lead to feelings of doubt, frustration, and the desire to give up on goals.

Performing Artists Online Magazine believes that giving up on a goal is unacceptable. Since 2008 the company has made a commitment to support literacy organizations. Currently the magazine provides assistance through two programs; Your Journey Begins With One Step, and Literacy Is A Lifestyle.

Your Journey Begins With One Step

Are you interested in making a positive impact in someone’s life? Why not join PA Magazine and give to a literacy foundation? Your contribution can go to a child, an adult, or a family that wants to better themselves.

The following organizations are established literacy programs:

Kids In Need – Created in 1995, Kids In Need is a non-profit organization that gives school supplies to children in America.

Reading Is Fundamental – Reading Is Fundamental began helping kids in 1966. The foundation has supporters in every US state. The company provides free books and other literacy resources to countless children.

ProLiteracy – 10 years ago Literacy Volunteers of America and Laubach Literacy International joined forces to create ProLiteracy. Today the non-profit company works to educate adults in reading, writing, technology, and learning English.

National Center for Family Literacy – Established in 1989, the National Center for Family Literacy’s mission is to involve the entire family in the learning process. With assistance from teachers and volunteers, the organization is able to bring family literacy programs to the community.

Literacy Is A Lifestyle

Does your organization provide services that support reading and writing? Is your company looking for assistance?
Why not join PA Magazine’s Literacy Is A Lifestyle program?

Non-Profit Organizations – All literacy foundations can provide their name, contact information, and a list of acceptable donations. Companies that sign-up may be added to the Performing Artist Magazine’s list of literacy programs. In addition, organizations may receive contributions from the magazine or its’ readers.

Teachers – All teachers can provide their name, contact information, and a list of acceptable donations. Educators who sign-up may be added to PA Magazine’s list of schools in need of support. Schools on the list are eligible to receive supplies from the Magazine. Materials are shipped to a teacher’s school, in care of the current principal.